The 4 Magic Forms – Magic to Buy

The 4 Magic Forms – Magic to Buy

The 4 magic forms that are the most famous. On this page, you will read about these forms.

The 4 forms of Magic are important for you to know, if you want to chose a form of magic for yourself. We advise anyone that wants to come across as a professional magician, to learn about these 4 magic forms.

  • Mentalism – The people that perform this type of magic, are mostly going for certain tricks. Such as mindreading, or reshaping items. But, every mentalist has different interests. The one thing they have in commen is that they all claim to perform their magic, using the strength of their minds. Every mentalist has to, legally, tell their audience before the show starts that they do not have any supernatural skills. One of the most famous mentalists is: Uri Geller. 
  • Tricks – These magicians show magic, mostly using items to help them do so. For an instance the magician that pulls a rabbit out of his hat. The magicians showing tricks have a wide line to chose from. This is the type of magician often seen on childrens party`s. A famous magician practising this are would be: Hans Kazan.
  • Illusions – Illusionist`s tricks usually have big impacts. The effect of this type of magic is very visual. Illusions are often performed for a big audiance. Famous Illusionists are: Siegfried and Roy.

The 4 Magic Forms

  • Manipulation – Manipulation is the form of magic that comes the closest to real magic. It is also the form of magic that takes the most time practising. It is usually performed with cards, coins, or balls. The magicians performing this art, make their (small) items appear, disappear, and change. Only using their hands. The best manipulation artist is : Jeff Mc Bride.

The best magician, is the one performing all 4 magic forms in his routines. Though learning manipulation is very time consuming, it is also a basic on being a real magician.

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