Magic2Buy – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Magic2Buy – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions :


Magic2Buy – What To Do When You Have A Question?


Magic2buy – Of course you are welcome to ask any question you might have directly. You can do so, though the comments. You find the option to comment at the bottom of this page.

Also, you can check this page; it might contain the answer to your question!


Frequently Asked Questions:


* How do i know for sure i will be able to perform magic tricks?

The tricks that you can pick from here are mostly “self working” tricks. Therefor, anybody can perform this stunning magic.

* How long will it take before i can show these tricks?

Because of the “self working” aspect in these tricks, it will not take you hours. Just practice the trick several times, and you will be able to show yourself off as being a professional magician.

* How many tricks do you advice for me to master? 

The number of tricks that you will be able to perform to show yourself as being a professional magician is about 3. This way you always have some more magic “up your sleeves”. The more magic you can show, the more you will convince people you are a real magician!

* How can i use the advantages of being a magician?

You can do so by simply performing stunning magic. Whenever, where ever and for who ever you like. As an example; when you perform magic while going out. Many people feel like they “have to” give you something for the great entertainment you showed. They will automaticly offer you ¬†drinks, and sometimes even money. Magic will grant you free nights out. Also, at times, you will find yourself going home with more money then you came with!

* If i buy magic, and will not be able to perform this, what do i do?

For some people, magic is hard. Though these self working tricks make sure that everybody will be able to show magic tricks. But.. It can be that you simply do not like the magic trick you bought.. No worries, you can always get your money back!

* There are many magic tricks i can chose from, how will i know which one fits me the best?

The trick that suits you the best, will be the one where that attrackts you the most. Just watch some demo`s, and you will discover the answer!

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