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Online Magic – Contact Page

Read this page if you could not find the answer to your questions at the FAQ page.

Of course, if you want to appear as an professional magician, you have to find your own way. For an instance, you might want some advise on which trick will suit you the best. Or you might want to focus on a specific area in Magic, and wonder who would be the best teacher. Maybe you want to buy some magic tricks as a gift. If you describe the situation in your email, we will be able to guide you. This way you are insured to pick the magic that suits the person that will perform it.

If you have any personal questions, you are welcome to send an email @:

If you have general questions, the best way to ask them, is though the comments at the bottom of the FAQ page. This way, you might help others with the answer you’ll receive on there.

Which ever way you chose to ask your question; we will stribe answer them within limited time!

Online Magic

The best and quickest way to become a magician is though Online Magic. Online Magic gives you the possibility to start right away! The tricks that are selected.. Give you the opportunity to start showing off your Magic.. Tomorrow!

Though most magicians have been studying for years on certain tricks.. You do not have to do that! You will be able to use the “shortcut” way.. And still perform on the level of the professional magicians! Give yourself the possibility to discover the advantages of being able to perform magic tricks. Discover how it feels to be a real magician today!

Appearing like a professional magician is now finally possible for everyone !

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